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Goal Poacher ( in developing)

Become a pro football striker going up against challenging real-life defenders and goalkeepers to score header goals from a teammate's cross. Experience what it's like to score goals in a big stadium with thousands of fans screaming and cheering in VR!


Our client is one of the top Energy Corporation specializing in investments in hydroelectric, wind, and solar power projects in Vietnam. Their strategic objective is to emerge as a prominent leader in the field of renewable energy investment within the Southeast Asian region in the forthcoming years.
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Sovico Group

Established in the 1990s by a group of well-educated and ambitious entrepreneurs, who all shared a clearly defined vision, Sovico Group has been a major investor across numerous sectors – finance, banking, aviation, real estate, energy, asset management and investment. In each of these industries, Sovico Group is highly regarded as an innovative and transparent group that seeks to deliver breakthrough values, create sustainable growth and bring great benefits to its customers and clients.
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VN Direct

VN Direct is one of the most reputable securities companies in the Vietnam market with the vision of becoming the first choice of every investor. However, the biggest problem of right now is that the input is 100% done by humans, the process is complicated, low productivity. BlueOC team has worked with to build with AI engine to solve the problem.
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Heligate JSC is an IT specialized company and a member of HD Group, which is operating in various business fields such as: Real Estate, information technology, labor expert, manufacturing & trading, finance and entertainment.
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Ant Learning

Ant Learning is one of the fastest growing Edtech startups in Hanoi. Ant Learning has a vision of becoming a leading synchronous online learning platform. It's a marketplace for connecting students with the most relevant courses taught by the best teachers in Vietnam and, later, all around the world. Teachers can register a free account, create courses, and design their lesson plans.
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Smart Contract Issuance

Expanding in the crowded and competitive insurance terms can be tough for vehicle insurance firms. To gain a competitive edge, companies need to swiftly attract new customers while mitigating risks and preventing fraudulent claims.
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Smart Valve Data Collection

Kaneko Sangyo Co., Ltd. founded in 1919, has been producing and supplying valves consistently. With a long year of experience and knowledge, Kaneko Sangyo has been producing a product that has a clear sense of purpose “a safety device to protect safe and placid life” one by one. From every standpoint, Kaneko Sangyo has been convincing that their products will continue operating as safety devices to protect our lives quietly day and night.
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Street Hero Game

Play as a comic book-style superhero with ultimate combat skills, speed, and strength in a big open-world city full of super-villains. Play as a powerful superhero with ultimate combat skills, speed, and strength and stop an alien invasion.
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Pong VR Game

The client wanted a VR game resembling classic Pong/Arkanoid, maintaining a 2D feel in 3D/VR with a neon graphics style. They faced challenges adapting paddle-based gameplay but BlueOC helped to solve it by pre-calculating ball trajectories and adding assistance, resulting in a fun and accessible game.
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Insurance Smart Claim

The client is currently facing challenges due to manual processes that contribute to extended claim processing times and increased costs. In addition, insurance providers must contend with fraudulent activity, as some customers submit false or exaggerated claims for car damage.
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Our solution addresses the client's challenge of underutilizing the potential of online learning opportunities presented by emerging technology and ensures a more efficient and engaging online learning platform, empowering the client to adapt and thrive in the ever-evolving education landscape.
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LOC Studio

Historically, new values and ideas have always been created by those who doubted what was considered to be common sense in those times, and sometimes those who were said to lack in common sense. Our corporate name “Lack Of Common sense” represents the desire to challenge without fear even though it seems to lack common sense.