BlueOC and SCS announced a cooperation agreement in the field of cybersecurity

By BlueOC AdminMay 09, 2024
BlueOC and SCS teams at signing event.jpg
BlueOC and SCS teams at the signing ceremony

On May 8, 2024, BlueOC and SCS announced a cooperation agreement in the field of cybersecurity, promoting the delivery of Vietnamese cyber security services to the international market.

BlueOC and SafeGate are committed to cooperating in the sharing of knowledge in the field of cybersecurity, promoting the commercialization and introduction of Vietnamese enterprise-based cyber-security products and services in international markets, especially in the area of cyber security services. 

Mr. Thang, CTO SafeGate SCS and Mr. Thu Mai CTO BlueOC signed MOU.jpg
Mr. Thang - CTO SCS and Mr. Thu - CTO BlueOC at the signing ceremony

“As a technology services provider, we deeply understand that the potential cybercrime risks adn its consequences. Therefore, the long-term cooperation between BlueOC helps us to strengthen our capabilities, jointly develop software solutions tailored to the needs of each customer and good security, enhance the reputation of Vietnam and the two companies in the domestic and international information technology markets”, Mr. Thu Mai, CTO BlueOC shared.

SafeGate's CEO, Mr. Ngo Tuan Anh, said that, with the rapid growth trend, cybersecurity is an attractive market with large scale, diverse services and opportunities for new players. To explore and conquer international markets, especially in a specific area such as cybersecurity, we will address various barriers by our well-skilled personnel, varied services and competitive prices.